TraitspcardI live and work on 30A, so I am deeply familiar with our community and its unique real estate climate. I represent both buyers and sellers and both local and absentee owners. For many homeowners moving is a major life event, it can be exciting and stressful. As a real estate professional I understand the challenges and questions you may have when considering a move. To ensure my clients have the best possible experience I evaluate their entire situation to ensure the best possible outcome. I will create and outline a customized plan and partner with you to help you achieve your real estate goals.

We will achieve your real estate goals by developing a targeted plan that focuses on the following categories of service:

  • Expert Analysis

    Using market data, statistics, and my experience in the local market, I will present you with the facts you need to make an informed decision. I’ll commit to keep us focused and on track and keep you informed with the knowledge and feedback that you NEED to hear and not necessarily the information you WANT to hear

  • Home Values

    Once I understand your goals I will consult with you regarding the price and timing of your home sale. It is important you have an agent who is honest about all factors! I will give you suggestions and ask you to make some easy changes around your home to help you realize the maximum sale price.

  • Personal Service

    My consultative approach to communicating with each customer is simple. I’ll commit to keep us focused and on track, keeping you informed with the knowledge and feedback you need to hear, not what I think you want to hear. At Pelican Real Estate our experience and commitment to helping each customer achieve their real estate goals is what makes us unique. Adding value and truly serving our customer is our core principle.


    Call me today and lets talk about your real estate goals.

    Ph. 850-819-6364



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